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Solent Academies Trust


We believe in the power of education to positively transform the lives of our children and their families.

Our Trust wide commitment to pupils and their families across our community is summarised in our Solent Academies Trust Pledge:


Our team of experienced, specialist staff are committed to making sure that all pupils experience an enjoyable, personalised and meaningful curriculum. Our aim is for all pupils to transition to their next stage in life with the skills, confidence and knowledge they need to achieve success, good health and prepare them well for adulthood. 

To achieve our ambitious vision, we proudly promote our core values in every area of school life: 




Respect - We are committed to treating each other fairly, with trust, kindness and respect. We seek the very best outcomes for all our pupils and are unwavering in our effort to ensure that all pupils have access to the opportunities they deserve.

Aspiration - We are continuously aspirational and tenacious in making sure that our teams perform well and deliver the highest quality provision and enjoyable educational experience for our pupils to be well prepared for their next stage in life.

Empowerment - All members of our learning community are encouraged to empower others to achieve their best and take every opportunity for themselves to become empowered as confident, independent and ambitious members of our community, committed to achieving our Trust pledge.