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Solent Academies Trust

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Our highly specialist teams across Solent Academies Trust are committed to maximising opportunities for all pupils to enjoy every day in school and develop the key skills needed at every stage of their journey with us. 

To make absolutely sure that day to day no stone is ever left unturned for our pupils, our learning community thrives on courageous leadership, collaboration, innovation, accurate assessment, continuous review, and quality assured evaluation.

We are united in our vision and 100% committed to support our young people to experience:

  • exceptionally high levels of education excellence
  • a listening ear when it's important to be heard
  • equality of opportunity and respect for all members of our valued community
  • personalised learning, tailored to each child's special education needs and disabilities
  • healthy well-being, consistency, vigilance, and safety
  • compassion and patience in supporting pupils to bravely tackle new challenges
  • a progressive and connected journey of learning filled with awe and wonder, happiness, and new experiences
  • a relentless effort to help every young person achieve their daily milestones and aspirations for the future
  • highly quality specialist education, carefully planned transitions at every stage and appropriate support in line with Education, Health and Care Plans
  • a positive and memorable experience at school where achievement is celebrated and shared with our families